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What is YOGA?

In our YOGA classes we will learn to relax and connect our body and mind, making different postures.
THE POWER OF MEDITATION AND INNER PEACE and ... out of stress !!!!
We already know that the state of mind influences how we are physically and that peace and tranquility in our body and mind is very beneficial as it is responsible for regulating our body.
It also helps us maintain our ideal body weight, since stress, anxiety and worries are the most important reasons for undue intake and decreased caloric intake.
The classes last 45 minutes.

The objective of the class is:
Improve blood circulation
Eliminate toxic substances and liquid substances from the body from the body.
Relaxation body and mind: outside stress, anxiety ....

Public Object:
We can all do YOGA.
People with cardiovascular problems, stress or any pathology that your doctor has indicated, should inform the monitor of directed activities.

Important announcement.
Although the movements in the class are simple and easy to assimilate, it is essential to perform them correctly as our qualified staff shows them.
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