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Frequently asked questions FITNESS 

Where do I have to call if I need help? You can call us at 93 488 33 12 and we will assist you personally. If you prefer send us an email: [email protected]

Can I try the gym one day? To train a day at the club you must buy the 1 day pass (click here to enter the purchase). If you decide to continue with us the amount you have paid for the 
DAILY pass, we will refund it the same day you formalize the registration.  

How can I release myself? From our website you can make the purchase and formalize the payment. The steps to follow are very easy:  
1.- You choose the rate that best suits your needs.
2.- Enter your personal information 
3.- Make the payment by card 
4.- Your purchase will be activated the first day you start your training. 
It has an expiration of 1 year).  Once done step 3, you will receive by email. Verify that the email you have entered correctly, otherwise contact us. (check folder for "spam" or "spam").  

Promotions: For all promotions / offers that we make with the monthly rate (monthly payment) in which a stay is required, to benefitfrom the offer, it will be mandatory to provide the bank 
account to our center, otherwise the offer will not be valid.
The first day you visit our center, you can register your purchase with our reception staff, from Monday to Friday: 08:30 a.m. to 9:30 p.m., outside these hours, press the doorbell you will find, 
after reception and our staff will will attend personally.
Remember to provide us with your order number so they can verify your purchase. It will also give you a copy of the contract so you can review it and sign it.  To process the drop you must be
 in our center and present the original of your ID. Our staff will give you written proof of withdrawal. Remember to notify 10 days in advance of the day we present your receipt to the bank. 
Your withdrawal will be effective after 10 days notice. 

What do I have to bring on my first day of training? You will need a padlock to keep your stays in the locker and a towel to be able to use the machines (hygiene). Do not forget to show 
the staff of the center your personal identification (DNI, Passport or NIE) to verify the data.  

If I have not received a receipt, can I re-enroll? You can re-enroll yourself in our center or from the web. In both cases, the first day of training you must make the payment of the pending 
receipt and administrative expenses for the return.  

Would I like to train with a personal trainer? Consult our staff, they will advise the personal trainer that best suits your needs. The personal trainer will give you fitness advice and nutritional advice.

Are the targeted activities included? All our rates include guided activities with monitor; Yoga Power, Pilates, Fitcross, etc ... You do not need to book an hour.

You can check the schedule of activities directed here. In addition you can also perform virtual activities of INDOOR CYCLE and BEST WALKING.

What other services do I have included in my fee? Weight Machines, Free Weights, Cardio (Elliptical Bike, Stationary Bike, Rowing, Running Tape), Vibro Power Stretch Zone, TRX, Toning circuit. Including showers, hygiene products and dryers. Water sources for hydration.

For any questions or additional questions you can contact us.  We will be happy to assist you.

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