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Fit Pump

What is the FIT PUMP?

In our Fit Pump classes we will work the musculature with aerobic activities. The training system will be done with weight lifting exercises. The music usually contains 4-8 tracks and our activity monitor will focus on working on each track a different muscle group. We will perform numerous repetitions in a period of 4 to 7 minutes for each muscle group. The classes last 45 minutes. The material we will use will be: dumbbells of variable weight and bar (material available in our gym). You can adjust the weight according to the exercise you perform and your personal goals. The main muscle groups are worked individually with exercises such as squats, lifting and deadlifts.

The objective of the class is: Reshaping the body thanks to muscle strengthening and gain. Burning calories and losing body fat: Approximately 450 calories.

Improve coordination Protect bones and joints from possible injuries. Improve physical condition in general. Improve the mood  

Public Object: We can all do FIT PUMP, since you choose the load of weights. Exception: Pregnant women. People who have never done weight lifting. People who have an injury in any part of their body. People with cardiovascular problems, tension or any pathology that your doctor has indicated should inform the monitor of directed activities. Under 14 years old.  Muscular Group to work: Chest Back Triceps Biceps Lunges Shoulders ABS Stretching  Important announcement. Although the movements in the class are simple and easy to assimilate, it is essential to perform them correctly as our professional staff will teach you. Good posture is very important in this class: we advise you to do the movements gently and always keep the knees slightly bent, not tense. Weight loading is important to choose appropriately each exercise. It is recommended for beginners to start with a minimum load and increase it as time passes (approximately every six weeks), always in order to avoid injuries. A day of rest between 2 sessions is the most recommended to obtain better results in each class.
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